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You may have lots of questions on your mind.  We'll try to answer some here.  For more information, find a convenient meeting, and see for yourself.  Find the Help and Hope this program offers!

What is Al-Anon?

Al-Anon is a worldwide organization that offers a program of recovery for families and friends of alcoholics, whether or not the alcoholic seeks help or even recognizes the existence of a drinking problem.  Members give and receive comfort and understanding through sharing experience, strength and hope.  Sharing of similar problems binds individuals and groups together in a bond protected by anonymity. (Excerpted from S-19 "Detachment", reprinted with permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA.)  

How do I become a member of Al-Anon?

Al-Anon and Alateen membership is open to anyone who feels their life has been affected by someone else's drinking, either currently or in the past.  Those eligible join local groups where the Al-Anon program is shared.  Discussions center on solutions for our own difficulties.  We try not to tell other people's stories or repeat what we see or hear, always protecting one another's anonymity, and the anonymity of Al-Anon, Alateen and AA members as well.

Is Al-Anon right for me?

Concerned about a loved one's drinking?  Have a lot of chaos in your life?  Tried just about everything to get the drinking to stop?  Feel like you are at your wits' end? Perhaps attending Al-Anon can help.  We often try to talk ourselves out of getting help.  That is part of the "denial" of this disease.  Read through the following to help you decide if you could benefit from Al-Anon:

20 Questions - Are you troubled by someone else's drinking?

20 Questions - Did you grow up with a problem drinker?

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Here are some links that you might find useful for Maryland and surrounding areas.  Also, check out the Al-Anon World Service link.  Alcoholism affects people all over the world, and Al-Anon is there to help.  Their comprehensive site offers hope, encouragement and support to families in need. 


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More Questions Newcomers Ask...


Every newcomer struggles with doubts before attending a meeting.  They want to know "Do I have to speak?"  "Will anyone say that I had been there?"

"Do I have to be a certain religion, or any religion, to attend?"  Find these and many more answers to basic newcomer questions.